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AIRHAWK 2 Small Seat Cushion

Airhawk 2 Small Cruiser Cushion

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18" deep x 12" wide
1-Year Limited Warranty

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Product Code: AH2SML

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The Small Cruiser Airhawk 2 is an economical solution for riders on weekend rides. Just like the original Airhawk cushion, the new Airhawk 2 is designed with comfort in mind. This polyurethane motorcycle seat fits most cruiser and touring bikes.

  • Eliminates Pain - The Airhawk 2 patented cellular construction allows air to be slowly exchanged one cell to another. This process evens the pressure across your sitting surface, eliminating painful pressure points that cause that agonizing sitting pain so common in distance rides.
  • Eliminates Numbness - Because you're riding on air, the Airhawk 2 absorbs virtually all of the vibration that leads to numb bum.
  • Eliminates Hot Seat - Unlike gel, water or foam, air cell technology allows your back end to breath and eliminate that monkey butt feeling. The seat cover features a Lycra like material that is designed to wick away moisture and has vented sides that allow air to constantly flow through the cushion cells while riding.
How it works:
The Airhawk 2 small cruiser seat works using air cells to even the pressure across your seating surface.

It takes very little air for the cushion to perform optimally. The Cushion inflates easily with twist and inflate valve. Simply twist to open the valve, give the seat cushion a couple of puffs to inflate it, then twist the valve closed. Next, sit on the cushion and slowly leak air from it by twisting the valve open until you're barely sitting above the motorcycle seat.

Optimally, you don't want to bottom out, but you don't want any more air in the cushion than what is necessary to keep you off the motorcycle seat. This perfect combination of air is all you need to provide the perfect cushion surface to even out the pressure across your butt while not elevating you above your normal sitting hight.

  • Airhawk 2 Small Cruiser Cushion
  • Cover - comes with strap w/ attachment loops and features a Lycra type top, vented sides and a rubberized gripping bottom.
  • Straps for attaching to your seat (if desired)
  • Repair Kit
  • Owners Manual

Dimensions: 18" Deep x 12" Wide

Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty on the Cushion and 6 Month Limited Warranty on the Cover

Original Airhawk vs Airhawk 2

Medium Airhawk Cushion Medium AIRHAWK 2 Seat Cushion

Cushion Material:

Neoprene Rubber Polyurethane Plastic

Riding Type:

Long distance riding Medium distance riding


Excellent Very Good


2 years 1 year


Can be repaired (repair kit included)

Cover & Straps:

  • Patented, proven 33 year old "air cell technology” originally designed for wheel chair patients
  • Redistributes your body weight evenly across the cushion to minimize pressure "hot spots"
  • Prevents "Num Bum" using Shape Fitting Technology by Roho
  • Cushion is made of a rubberized, waterproof material
  • The Cushion Cover (included) is made of a wicking material to keep you dry and features open mesh sides to keep the cushion cool
  • Includes elastic strap system to secure the pad to your bike
  • Inflates by mouth with simple fill valve
  • Backed by a 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty

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