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Why Buy an Airhawk Seat?
by Mark Lane, July 22, 2009

The Airhawk seat cushion is one of the most revolutionary devices designed for today’s motorcycles.  Plagued with sitting pain from extended rides, motorcyclists have long searched for a solution to mitigate this pain.

The Airhawk seat is a motorcycle cushion that tens of thousands of bikers have found as the remedy to significantly reduce that pain.  Easy to use, the Airhawk cushion inflates by mouth in seconds and straps to your bike’s seat.  When not in use, a simple turn of the valve quickly deflates the motorcycle cushion which can be rolled up and stored in a saddlebag or locked away underneath the cycle’s seat.

Air cell technology gives the Airhawk seat a distinctive advantage over a foam or gel motorcycle seat pad.  Each cell communicates with its neighbors to spread pressure evenly across the surface of the cushion and minimize hot spots and pressure points.  This air cell technology also gives the Airhawk cushion a unique insulating ability to keep your seat cool in the hot summers and warm on those colder fall rides.

According to Tom Fredrickson from Florida, a long time rider and believer of the Airhawk seat cushion, “This cushion is one of the best things I ever bought.  I used to go on these long rides and my bum would be so numb at the end of the ride that I couldn’t sleep well that night.  I tried a gel pad.  It helped with the numbness, but it was hot and impossible to store on rides.  The Airhawk was the perfect solution.  I just give it a few puffs and I’m ready to go.  It keeps me cool on my summer rides and I just roll it up and put it in my saddlebag when I park the bike.  I’ve sent several of my club buddies over to you guys and everyone loves this motorcycle cushion.  I’d buy one again in a heartbeat.”
Riding can take its toll on your backside.  So why not get an Airhawk seat cushion today and prevent that pain in the butt.